Ariel - Your Homemade Mermaid Costume For Halloween

Looking for a quick easy homemade costume idea? Make a mermaid costume. It is an easy costume to make yourself and Ariel, the microscopic Mermaid is a very popular dress up character. microscopic girls adore Princess Ariel. An under the sea theme is perfect for Halloween or anytime your child feels like playing dress up.

Kids love to play dress up whether it's Halloween or July. The idea of putting on a costume just thrills microscopic kids. They have such active imaginations and it is fun to watch them role play their popular characters, like Princess Ariel. The microscopic mermaid is full of intriguing and cheerful characters along with a few scary ones like Ursula. But it is commonly Ariel that girls want to be.

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So go ahead and write your check list. Put on it all the items you will need to make a mermaid costume. As you think of new items you can use, add them to your list and when you think you are done go over the list a second time to make sure.

Ariel - Your Homemade Mermaid Costume For Halloween

Once you have your list you can begin to secure all you need to assemble your mermaid costume. It is a lot of fun to put a costume together out of a pile of clothing and accessories you found in closets and drawers in your house. Make it a group project and let your kids help you when you originate this unique homemade mermaid costume. It will be fun for everybody and it will allow you all to work together for a coarse goal and everybody will have a sense of pride and achievement when the costume is completed. Who knew making a uncomplicated costume at home could do all that...but it can. Make sure to bonus everybody who helps with a special snack when the costume making is over.

Then of course, you can look over the pictures you took of the dissimilar stages of costume making. And one of everybody holding the completed outfit. It will be a happy memory for you and your kids. You will also recognize how much fun making a homemade costume can be and how cheap it is to make your own costumes. This might just be the start of a fun, money salvage house Halloween costume tradition.

Ariel - Your Homemade Mermaid Costume For Halloween


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