Troll Costumes - Something separate For Your Halloween Costume

Troll costumes are a splendid choice for your Halloween costume. Trolls are mythological creatures, which are generally misunderstood. It is true that some trolls are reputed to be evil creatures, however they are mostly kindly and funny midgets, who are depicted by the troll dolls which were so beloved some years ago.

These dolls are smiling, fat puny fellows with big eyes and a very spicy hairstyle. Troll fancy dress outfits center on on the unusual hairstyle which generally means that for many people a wig will be required. Even if your hair is long you probably have no desire to dye it spicy green or pink.

Halloween Costumes

These old troll dolls are a collectors item now, and you will see some collections of hundreds all having distinct hair of bright, garish hues. These troll dolls are found in sizes from an inch or two up to 2 feet or even more in height. generally they are made from soft rubber. Many of these trolls were used as mascots, and were hung from the rear view mirror in cars, or accumulated as a big collection in the rear window.

Troll Costumes - Something separate For Your Halloween Costume

These trolls are happy finding puny creatures. however trolls of mythology were often quite ugly, and were sometimes mercenaries for evil characters and nasty people. The troll is shown in this style in computer games such as World of Warcraft.

Troll costumes which are a good choice for Halloween, or for any costume parties, start with a brightly colored rather garish wig. The hair in this wig is pulled up and tied to make a knot on top of the head. This looks rather cute to most people. The clothing could be any kind of ordinary shirt with pants or with a skirt for the ladies.

Makeup should be in a dark shade, which generally suits a troll quite well. Masks and costumes, of this happy finding troll style, can be bought online, or if you wish, you can dress as the much more malevolent kind of troll which is found in the officially licensed World Of Warcraft troll masks. I Personally prefer the happy type of troll. He is much best superior to the fun of Halloween, but of course this is your personal choice to make.

For your troll outfit you will first want to pick a convenient wig. It would not be advisable to dye your natural hair in gaudy spicy colors--even if you have long hair. A splendid choice of troll wigs can be found online and you can look at the pictures and make your choice. Should you decide that you want to be an evil troll you will need the face mask which is also ready online.

Troll Costumes - Something separate For Your Halloween Costume


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