Adult Halloween Costume Ideas That Will Help You Win Your Costume Contest

Halloween parties are a great place to show off your creativity and imagination. Many night clubs and bars throw spectacular Halloween parties and some even offer cash prizes for the best costume. Let your imagination run wild and a minute naughty this year and you can come home Halloween night with more than a hangover, you might have some cash in your pocket from your great costume.

Adult Halloween costumes can be a minute more risque than the costumes that you wore when you were a young child. An old time popular is the pregnant nun. All you need is a habit and a pillow and you can be the laugh of the party. You might want to put on extra makeup so that you look as irreverent as the health that you are in. If your husband or boyfriend goes with you they can dress up like a priest. If you want to unquestionably go over board you can display plastic fake breasts on the surface of the habit. The priest can even carry a paddle or whip.

Halloween Costumes

Another great adult Halloween costume idea is the pimp and ho. You can get as outlandish with this costume as you want to. For the pimp you can go to a retro clothes store or if you are old enough, dig into your closet to find a free time suit or a bowler cap. Make you costume as outlandish as you want. Consist of fur and feathers to look as former as you can. You might want to get grandpa's cane to make a pimp cane. Cover the head in aluminum foil or spray paint gold or silver to give it that authentic look. You can buy a fake gold tooth from any novelty store or magazine. This would be the exquisite touch to your pimp costume. For the lady, you can dress as naughty as your modesty allows. Fish net stockings and leather make great combinations. You might want to convert your hair color or buy an extension to make your hair look totally different. High heels are a specific as you close out your hooker ensemble.

Adult Halloween Costume Ideas That Will Help You Win Your Costume Contest

Other costumes can be sexual or carnal in nature. A popular is the 'I Dream of Genie' costume that can be very revealing. Take some historical figures and spice them up some. Wear something tantalizing that you would never in communal or on the streets.

When mental of ideas for adult Halloween costumes, think of something surface the ordinary. You are around adults so do not be shy. Whether the costume is sexually oriented or steps on the toes of the religious, it is a statement of fun. Do not think that you would be judged for going surface the boundaries of normality. That is what Halloween is for. It is for doing things that you would not usually do. You can dress and act any way you wish as long it is within the boundaries of the law. So get wild and use some of these ideas or generate some that are your own. Halloween can be just as fun for adults as it is for kids.

Adult Halloween Costume Ideas That Will Help You Win Your Costume Contest


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