popular Halloween Costumes For 2011

Halloween is one of the best times of the year for adults and children alike. As the weather gets cooler, here are some of the most popular costumes to look for this Halloween season.

Popular Costumes For Children

Halloween Costumes

Harry Potter was a big hit yet again this year, so children will enjoy dressing up as Harry or the evil Lord Voldemort. There are abundance of long robes, wands, hats, and masks to unblemished the Harry Potter look.

popular Halloween Costumes For 2011

Another big popular with children, particularly the boys is Buzz Lightyear and Woody from the "Toy Story" movies. The light-up Buzz costume is bound to be a real hit again this year, as will the cowboy Woody costume. Even girls will like to dress up as the cowgirl Jessie.

Traditional Halloween costumes are also always a big hit with children. Some of the most popular former costumes consist of witches, vampires, ghosts, and ghouls.

Popular Looks for Adults

With the wide range of adult Halloween costumes ready for sale, it isn't hard to find something for every adult looking to have a little fun and dress up.

Ladies Halloween costumes have always fallen into one of two categories. Classic costumes are always popular, as are those which are a little more sassy or risque. Alice from Alice and Wonderland is a good example of a more accepted costume, while a female Green Hornet superhero costume could be considered more on the sassy side.

The most popular Halloween costumes for men have always been whether scary or superhero. This year will be no exception. Scary costumes consist of famous villains like Batman's Joker, while superhero costumes will consist of Captain America and the Green Hornet.

Places to Wear Your New Look

Once you have the exquisite look, you need a place to show it off! Join in the fun with your kids as you take them trick-or-treating. They will love going with you as you are all dressed up.

If you don't want to go out trick-or-treating, you can also plan to dress up to hand out candy to everyone who comes to your door. You can added add to the mood by decorating your house and yard with a Halloween theme. This adds a fun and spooky element to trick-or-treating.

Another great place to wear a Halloween costume is at a party. whether you go to own or host your own, costume parties are especially fun around Halloween.

popular Halloween Costumes For 2011


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