Decade Costumes Make Great Halloween Outfits

It's fun to look back at the assorted decades and dress in decade costumes once the opening arises. Each decade had its own unique charm. From poodle skirts in the 50's to the grunge look in the 90's, they all offer something unique.

Dressing in decade costumes may be a slight easier than dressing in a superhero costume, for example. Most of us have decade costumes already in our closets and we may not even know it. Plus, these items are easy to replicate and find clothing for.

Halloween Costumes

Here is some guidance on how to put together your own decade costumes for your next dress-up event.

Decade Costumes Make Great Halloween Outfits

The Fifties

Poodle skirts and pony tails report this era. You can of course find outfits from this decade in costume shops and even in stores. Also check in your relatives' attics, vintage clothing shops and of course eBay.

The Sixties

The sixties were a fun time. This is the era of the hippie. Think John Lennon, long hair, long skirts, and lots of flowers and beads. Sixties style clothing still comes in and out of style so chances are pretty good that you have the clothes in your closet. If not, they should be fairly easy to procure in a quarterly department store or in second hand clothing shops.

The Seventies

Bell bottoms and disco music- these things are just two of the items that report the seventies decade costumes. Lots of glitter and sparkles for the ladies and dramatic afros for anything who is willing are just a few of the accessories to pick from. Bell bottoms came back in style not too long ago so they should be fairly easy to locate. You can also check in second hand clothing shop and costume shops.

The Eighties

Teased hair and heavy metal and all the fashions that were attached to this music are just some of the things you can do to make yourself look like you were from the eighties. On hair the longer and more teased it is the more authentic you will look. For inspiration, makes and females alike can learn a lot by watching those old music videos. For a change of pace you can also use other movies such as Flash or even shows such as Miami Vice for yet even more eighties inspiration.

The Nineties

The nineties of course weren't so long ago but it may be fun to dress up in grunge clothing for your nineties decade costumes. Think Nirvana and Pearl Jam. A pair of thick combat boots and lots of flannel will do a lot to give you the right look.

Decade Costumes Make Great Halloween Outfits


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