Plus Size Halloween Costume Ideas

As a plus size lady myself, I dread the idea of dressing up in fancy costume. My body would have given great delight to Rubens, and would have been thought about exquisitely gorgeous in 17th century Holland, but by modern day standards it has to be regarded as lumpy and ponderous. When I have to appear in costume, I feel that I owe it to myself to something that will make the most of my assets rather than make me look ridiculous.

When I pick a costume for myself, I try to find something that does not make me feel foolish. My legs are as bad as the rest of me, so I prefer a long skirted outfit. On the other hand my soulders and bustline are magnificent, so I look for something that will show it off. I look for glamour rather than freaky, funny or scary.

Halloween Costumes

When I look at other larger habitancy in costume, I genuinely wonder sometimes what they were thinking. Why pick to be Alice in Wonderland when you could be the Duchess? Why does a very large man want to appear in skin-tight Superman leotards that make it embarrassing to look at him, when he could be so impressive as Satan with a fiery red cloak?

Plus Size Halloween Costume Ideas

Ultimately of procedure the choice is up to you, male or female. If you are a size Xxxl but you have been channelling Scarlett O'Hara or Erroll Flynn all your life, go for it!

However if you feel a bit self-conscious and want to look as elegant as potential will still entering fully into the spirit of things (ha!), then here are some suggestions.

Remember to place your order in good time, so that if the size is wrong you have time to exchange it. It is ordinarily easier to take in a too-large costume than to squeeze into one that is too small, so err on the larger size if you are unsure. If you are short you might need to take a hem up, perhaps by several inches, so make sure you have time to do all this.

You should also reconsider ordering the recommended accessories for your outfit. The wig, face paint, gloves, corset, chemise, headpiece all go to perfect the "look".

Plus Size Halloween Costume Ideas


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