Bob Marley Halloween Costume in a Few Easy Steps

Bob Marley is one of the most well known reggae and ska recording artists in the world. His songs have been being played since they were released, and it's safe to say that it will continue to be for a very long time. Beyond being a favorite recording artist he was an outspoken antiwar and civil-rights activist, and his music was often how he got that message across. He is not only a favorite historical figure, but also very in fact recognizable and therefore a overwhelming idea for a Halloween or a costume party.

If you're going to do a Bob Marley impersonation, the first thing you'll have to devotee is the Jamaican accent. Unless you've spent a lot of time colse to citizen speaking it, or have heard it a lot, this can be one of the most difficult accents to pick up. If you're committed to doing an impersonation and not just dressing up as Bob Marley, You may want to get a tape or a book that can help you to learn the vowel and consonant substitutions. While you're learning an accent it's very helpful to be colse to it and hear it a lot. So, find a good Reggae music station, and chances are you'll hear some Jamaican Patios in between tracks. The normal feeling of Bob Marley's speech, is one of just selecting of words, and of a clear intention being communicated. You can find clips of audio recordings of interviews with him online.

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In terms of clothing, Bob Marley favored the comfortable loose clothes of his generation. For a costume any T-shirt and loose pants will work. The most considerable part of his personal style was his hair and his hats. Bob Marley, in first-rate Rastafarian fashion wore his hair in dreadlocks. While the length of his dreads changed often throughout his career, they were always there, and there are many pictures of him with separate styles. One of the most favorite styles that he was wearing when a lot of photographs were taken of him is very long and thick dreadlocks. There are many photos that have been copied and made into lithographs and other prints and these can be found on the internet or in shops for reference. They often show him wearing a knit cap of enthralling colors, often the colors of the African or the Jamaican flag. If you already have dreadlocks, then all you need to find is a knit hat, but if you don't, you may need to find both a wig and a cap. There are some shops online that sell both together.

Bob Marley Halloween Costume in a Few Easy Steps

Once you have the simple wardrobe hairstyle and accessories, keep practicing your Jamaican accent and listen to or learn some of his most favorite songs. These include, I shot the sheriff, Rastaman Vibration, Sun is Shining, One Love, and Satisfy my Soul. You may want to custom "Kinky Reggae" in your Jamaican Patios and don't forget to grab a spliff on your way out the door.

Bob Marley Halloween Costume in a Few Easy Steps


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