house Feud - A Fun Game For Children Too

I was asked by Camp Med, a licensed day care program and summer camp sponsored by the City of South Pasadena, to give a presentation to our campers about the upcoming Summer Olympics, as I would be leaving for Beijing shortly to work on the Games. I view if I just talk and the kids just listen, it could get kind of boring. So instead, I proposed an Olympic house Feud.

The campers were divided into 4 groups. The winning group would each receive a prize. The way it worked is that I would ask a ask and give one exact group a chance to respond. Unlike television house Feud where only one person can participate, here anyone from the group could chip in. The team leader would then try to write down the best answer. If the respond was wrong, the ask would move to the next group. If one group was noticeably weaker, they would get the easier questions.

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What struck me is how engaged the kids got. You could see the wheels turning. They started thinking. They wanted to give the right answer. They wanted to win. They were having fun and so were the other counselors.

house Feud - A Fun Game For Children Too

The questions asked required separate skills, memory, thinking and also listening (to what I had talked about throughout the summer). Due to the internet, it was very easy to come up with questions as multiple trivia, kids and information sites exist.

When I returned from the Olympics, the kids were very curious about my experience. It was as if the Olympic house Feud had opened the door for them to be aware and curious in the Olympics. The event was such a success that we are following it up with a Halloween house Feud. For Halloween house Feud, more jokes and questions with an element of levity will be included. And there will be more questions that our younger kids can answer.

Attached are the questions (with answers) to both house Feuds:

Olympic house Feud

1. Where am I going tomorrow?


2. The J in Beijing, how is it pronounced?

As a z

3. How far away is Beijing from Los Angeles?

6300 miles

4. China is the 3rd largest country in the world. What is the largest country in the world?


5. What is the second largest country in the world?


6. Which country is incredible to win the most medals at the Summer Olympics?


7. Where was the last Olympics?

Turin, Italy

8. Which country won the most medals at the Winter Olympics in Italy?

Germany (29)

9. The Us won the second most medals. How many medals did the Us win in Italy?


10. Who is shooting to win 8 Gold Medals and what sport is he in?

Michael Phelps, Swimming

11. Dara Torres is on the Us Olympic Swimming team. How old is she?


12. Why have so many Swimming world records been recorded in the last couple of months?

The swimsuit: Speedo's Lzr Racer.

13. What women's sport will no longer be in the Olympics after this year?


14. Why are some of the athletes not going to chance Ceremonies?

To avoid the air pollution

15. What kind of work do I do at the Olympics?


16. Name this paramount person I gave Olympic tickets to in Korea in 1988? Clue 1; He lives in California and is over 50. Clue 2: He's been in science fiction movies. Clue 3: He received weightlifting tickets.

Arnold Schwarzennegger

17. Name this paramount person I gave Olympic tickets to in Spain in 1992. Clue 1: He lives in California and is over 60. Clue 2: He was in 1 of the batman movies. Clue 3: He received basketball tickets.

Jack Nicholson

18. How many Olympics have I worked on?


19. Name a summer Olympic event that many find best to watch on tv than see in person?

Gymnastics, diving, water polo

20. Where will the next Olympics be?

Vancouver Canada

21. What year?


22. What country did the Olympic Games create over 2700 years ago?


23. As a 12 year old boy, at the Mexico City Olympics, I was in attendance when Bob Beamon wholly shattered a world record. He beat the old world report by so much that Sports graphic named this 1 of the 5 most sports moments of the 20th century. What sport did he break the report in? Clue: It was in track & field.

Bob Beamon set a world report for the long jump with a jump of (29 ft. 2½ in.). It was one of the most breathtaking feats in the history of the Olympics. He shattered the report by more than 21 inches. It has since been called the exquisite jump.

24. What Olympic moment did Sports graphic call the most sports moment of the 20th century? Clue: It happened at a Winter Olympics. Clue 2: It involved the United States

In 1980 at Lake Placid, a group of amateur & collegiate hockey players from the Us defeated the best pro hockey team in the world, the Soviet Union, 4-3. This has since been named the Miracle on Ice.

Halloween house Feud

1. What year did the first Casper the amiable Ghost cartoon appear?

1924? 500Bc? 2004? 500Bc? 1945? (this one) The Middle Ages?

2. Boris Karloff played what paramount movie character?


3. What do you get when you cross Bambi with a ghost?


4. Bela Lugosi played what paramount movie character?


5. How much does the world's biggest pumpkin weigh? A: 245 pounds, B: 485 pounds, C: 685 pounds, D: 1,385 pounds (this one)

6.What paramount movie character did Lon Chaney Jr. Play. Clue: Michael J. Fox, also played this character.

The werewolf

7. according to those silly, scary movies, when do werewolves come out?

At Full Moons

8 What do birds give out on Halloween night?


9. Bodies that are wrapped in cloth and stored in tombs are known as what?


10. In folklore, a male witch is known as a?


11. As a Halloween treat, what chocolate candy bar do kids like best of all?


12. according to legend, which Halloween creature normally has all of the following: a unibrow, tattoos, and a long middle finger?

A: a werewolf (this one), B: a vampire, C: a witch, D: a golem

13. If you were to draw a witch, what exact item might you want to consist of on her face?


14. A estimate of paramount Science-fiction and scary movies were filmed in South Pasadena, name 1:

o Back to the time to come (1985)

o Back to the time to come Part Ii (1989)

o Back to the time to come Part Iii (1990)

o Halloween (1978)

o Halloween Ii (1981)

o Halloween: 25 Years of Terror (2006)

o Hell Night (1981)

o Jurassic Park Iii (2001)

o Prom Night (2008)

o Scream 2 (1997)

o Teen Wolf (1985)

o Terminator, The (1984)

15. What's a monsters favorite dessert?


16. Name 1 of the 5 most favorite Halloween costumes for kids last year (2007)?

Princess (10.7%)

Spider-Man (4.8%)

Pirate (4.7%)

Witch (4.2%)

Fairy (2.8%)

house Feud - A Fun Game For Children Too


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