Bunny Costumes

Bunny costumes are among the most favorite forms of fancy dress at Halloween or, indeed, at any other time. Although bunny costumes for children are ready there is beyond doubt a huge request for those of a more raunchy nature.

While any costume can be made sexy, the relationship with the outfits worn by female members of staff in Hugh Hefners Playboy empire is very strong. The Playboy clubs started back in 1960 and a definite code of practice, that effected every aspect of the business, was speedily established, together with the construct of the bunny costume.

Bunny Halloween Costume

Referred to as a Bunny Suit, the costume consisted of a corset style, outline hugging, outfit faultless with bunny ears, matching collar and cuffs and the famed fluffy cottontail. Black mesh pantyhose and high heel shoes complete off the very moving look. Every bunny girl had here name on a rosette that was worn on her hip.

Bunny Costumes

The costume was low cut, which led to the amelioration of the 'Bunny Dip', a way of bending down to serve drinks without anything tumbling out of the costume!

The Bunny costume beyond doubt has a U.S. Patent as well as being registered at the trademark office. It has become an iconic item of late 20th. Century, a fact endorsed by examples being on display in the history Museum in Chicago and The Smithsonian. Genuine examples of once used bunny outfits have sold for more than ,000.

The bunny costume has been heavily criticized approximately since the day it was invented by those who regard is as an example of female exploitation by men and giving out all the wrong signals with regard to women's role in society.

After their heyday in the 60's and 70's the Playboy clubs have mostly complete over the world but, kicking the trend, the one in the Palms Hotel, Las Vegas, reopened in 2006. A whole new generation will now take a view on the outfit that is more than fifty years old.

Bunny Costumes


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