Cute Halloween Costumes for Women: What to Wear for That Aww! Reaction

Looking for cute Halloween costumes for women this year? maybe you are going out to a Halloween dance with friends, family or a loved one... Maybe you just want a cute costume to wear while handing out treats or maybe you need to show up in costume whether at school, work or charity event. Anyone your situation, this description will give you ideas for cute Halloween costumes that are sure to be a hit.

Traditionally, cute costumes were reserved for children. Of course, a baby in a teddy bear costume or a small girl in a mermaid costume is still and will always be adorable. The demand is, how can you dress up for Halloween as a woman, look sexy, yet cute enough for the costume to be thorough for a family party. You obviously don`t want to look like a tramp in front of your mother-in-law or at school in front of children, but you still want to look absorbing and feel cute.

Bunny Halloween Costume

So, what does looking cute mean and feel like? Being cute is being pretty and absorbing in an endearing way. Lovely, dreamy, a small shy yet charming and precious. Being cute is also being sexy but in a sweet and clever kind of way. How can you reflect this in a costume?

Cute Halloween Costumes for Women: What to Wear for That Aww! Reaction

Here is a list of 10 cute Halloween costumes for women to get you started in mental of and designing your cute, grown up costume that you will feel comfortable wearing to any event.

Top 10 Cute Halloween Costumes for Women

Smurfette Bunny Raggedy Ann Doll (or any other doll) Kitty Cat (Cheshire cat or any other type of cat) Bowl of Popcorn Cupcake Gumball Machine Candy (any type) Tinkerbelle (or any other type of fairy) Angel

Now that you have an idea what you want to be for Halloween, next comes the planning phase. How do you make it all come together into one cuddly and huggable costume? Think costume, accessories and makeup.

For the costume, it should be soft and fluffy or soft-looking. The makeup should also be light in color such as pastels. Think pinks, purples, mauves and whites. Your accessories should be sweet and fuzzy too. Think micro soft fleece, velvet and soft wool.

Your costume can be found in many locations. You can shop locally in costume shops, business agreement market or rent one in a party store. If you want a great option of unique costumes no one else will have in town, shopping online may be your best bet.

Cute Halloween Costumes for Women: What to Wear for That Aww! Reaction


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