Easy Homemade Costume Ideas For Halloween

There are some easy Halloween costume ideas you can put together yourself and it's a lot of fun to make your own costume. If you have never done it before, why not give it a try? You can save money and have a blast production it. Take a look at our unique and fun costume ideas and see if any petition to you.

You can find most of the items you need in your home. Some of these ideas might need a store bought accessory unless you are very creative and find a way to make what you need.

Halloween Costumes

Homemade Pirate's Costume

Easy Homemade Costume Ideas For Halloween

One very easy homemade costume idea for Halloween is a pirate. Have you got a red T-shirt and some black sweat pants? If so, you've got most of your costume already. A pirate is such a intelligent idea and you can bring some unique and adventurous characteristics to this costume if it's the one you decree to make.

An eye patch and a cutlass sword are all you will need to complete this buccaneer outfit.

Make a present Costume

You can make your own box costume...it's easy. For this homemade Halloween costume you will need some gift wrapping paper, some curling ribbon and a cardboard box. Why not surprise everybody you know this costume holiday...give them yourself as a present! What a wonderful way to say Happy Halloween to everyone.

A Pair of Dice

Dice are other one of my easy homemade costume ideas. Of course, once again, this costume needs two cardboard boxes, some white and black paint and a friend! It's a funny couples costume idea too, so why not get a buddy and get planning. You will be the hit of the party and you might even win a prize for the most creative or unique costume.

Popcorn Costume

Do you like popcorn? Then why not be a box of Popcorn this Halloween. This easy homemade costume is funny too. You might want to hide a few snack bags and hand out some popcorn to your fellow trick or treaters. If it's a costume party your headed for, why not make a bowl of popcorn to bring to your host.

Other easy homemade costume ideas for Halloween are Zorro, a Cowboy, a Tombstone, A Devil, a Bag of Garbage, Static Cling or even a Laundry Basket. You get to be creative, save money and have fun when you make your own costume. Once you take a look at these ideas, you are going to start getting some of your own. The best thing about some of these homemade costumes is they show your sense of humor, after all, isn't Halloween a time for fun?

Easy Homemade Costume Ideas For Halloween


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