Halloween Costumes: Colorful, Creepy And Cute

Dressing up is loads of fun, either you're a kid or just a grown-up who's young at heart! And when it's time to go trick-or-treating, nothing makes the occasion more colorful than wacky and imaginative Halloween costumes.

Scary or sweet, a great costume helps you get right into the Halloween party spirit. And the wide range of fancy dress possibilities make it a celebration that everyone can take part in and enjoy.

Halloween Costumes

If you're planning to wear a Halloween costume on October 31st this year, it will probably boil down to one of three choices: buy it, rent it or make it yourself. If you plan on renting, be sure to make your option and sustain your costume early. It can seem like everyone has woken up to the fact that Halloween is arrival just a few days before the event! So pip the competition to the post by getting into your rental store as soon as you can.

Halloween Costumes: Colorful, Creepy And Cute

If you plan on buying a costume, it's still a good idea not to leave decisions to the last few days -- even though Halloween costume suppliers put in order for a sudden avalanche of customers for the every year spook-fest. You may find a Halloween party store that opens up just for the season in your neighborhood -- or you can find a big range of costume ideas by shopping online. Don't forget to take into inventory the time needed to process an order as well as the number of days needed for shipping. Sure, you can most likely get your order express delivered -- but it'll cost you more.

If you live in a neighborhood where trick-or-treating is popular, you'll probably have noticed that some of the most charming Halloween costumes are the ones that habitancy have made themselves. The good news is that a busy parent doesn't necessarily have to be an expert seamstress or tailor to be able to create a cute creation based on an everyday item of clothing such as a fleece, a sweat suit or even a shirt. Your craft shop may have Halloween-themed items to help you decorate the costume and find patterned fabrics and motifs that will add to the effect. Visit your local library to find simple designs and ideas.

The history of Halloween is such a composition of old folklore, harvest-time customs and magical associations that it's not hard to come up with fun costumes. The celebration comes with a wide range of traditions, superstitions and spooky images for fancy dress ideas that you can give an former twist. The 'haunted house' often plays a central role in a Halloween party setting, unblemished with a cast of witches, phantoms and goblins and an assortment of creepy effects.

Here are some 'spirited' Halloween costume ideas to get your imagination fired up:

a scary witch (of course!), with broomstick, hat and eerie make-up a Halloween cat -- the former 'familiar' of the witch a white and shimmering ghostly apparition your favorite bad dream movie character a pumpkin-inspired outfit

One of the most enjoyable things about Halloween is that you have carte blanche to dress entirely as you wish. So if you're planning a costume for a young child -- or if you just fancy giving bad dream a miss this year -- why not take your inspiration from a nursery rhyme or fairy tale? either it's a cartoon-based character or a dissimilarity on a storybook theme, there's a costume idea to suit every age at Halloween.

Halloween Costumes: Colorful, Creepy And Cute


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