Do It Yourself Weddings - Ten Theme Wedding Ideas

You have been dreaming of your wedding for years. Now it is time to put plans into action. Do it yourself weddings can make a small budget go a long way. Putting together a theme wedding can be fun too. Here are 10 ideas that will help you get an idea for some themes.

Ten theme wedding ideas to get your mind beginning to think.
Spring theme. - Nice spirited colors and tulips all over. Blossoms and lots of new growth. Fall Theme - Falling leaves and brown and orange colors everywhere. Scarecrows and corn all around. What about a holiday theme. Halloween is an easy one to use. Costumes for all your party and black and orange colors. Hanging ghosts and bats. This can be a fun one to do yourself. An Easter theme could be baskets for centerpieces. Bunnies and chicks all around. You may even have a visit from the Easter bunny. Have a favorite movie - maybe the local theatre has posters. Depending on the movie will depend on what you need to do. Imagine characters and landscape set ups. Western Theme- Cowboys and indian theme. Horses, black cut outs, old time decor. maybe a fake bonfire with a pot over for coffee. Maybe some bar scene setups. Watch the old westerns for some ideas. Perhaps you have a favorite time in history. The 50s relived. Bobby socks and poddle skirts. Big cut outs of those 50s cars. Roller skates, bicycles and poko sticks. You can use those fifties colors too. Maybe a fashion like 60s hippie style. This is tye dye, bell bottomes and peace signs. You could do lots with that. Maybe you want a fairy tale wedding. A castle scene with prince charming. White decor with clear lights and netting. Gold trim and glitter. Town pieces that have horse and carriage designs. White flowers with gold leaves. You can build on this one too. Are you German? Maybe you want to have a cultured wedding. Using your heritage as a theme. Dress like that country. Have landmarks done up to make your guests feel like they have taken a trip. Set up those German Beer Gardens. Get those dancers lined up. A few German dressed men passing big mugs of dark warm beer and your have conversations going.

Bunny Halloween Costume

With the concept of do it yourself weddings you can make a theme wedding affordable. These ideas are just to get you started.

Do It Yourself Weddings - Ten Theme Wedding Ideas

Imagine how much fun you and your guests will have.Do it yourself weddings don't mean cheap. They can mean a very creative theme wedding.

Do It Yourself Weddings - Ten Theme Wedding Ideas


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