How to Make Your Own Sexy Costume

If you want a sexy costume to wear for Halloween, you are in luck! You can positively generate your own with a microscopic time and a microscopic creativity. Creating a sexy costume could be as easy as wearing a bombshell dress, or as complicated as following a pattern to build your own unique costume.

Here are some easy costume ideas that you can make on your own:

Bunny Halloween Costume

oAngel- White dress, white heels, white pantyhose and some makeshift wings using wire and sheer fabric

How to Make Your Own Sexy Costume

oStripper/Exotic Dancer- highly high heels, a tight, short dress and props if you have any

oNaughty School Girl- Plain white, buttoned down shirt to show your cleavage, short plaid skirt, black shoes with ankle socks; carry a lollipop

oSexy Secretary- Form fitting skirt suit without a blouse underneath, thigh highs with a garter showing, pair of glasses, pencil and a legal pad

oNaughty Nurse- White pencil skirt and a fitted white shirt belted, white heels, white pantyhose, stethoscope, rubber gloves, hair pulled loosely back

oDirty Cop- Navy pencil skirt with a lighter blue button up shirt opened to the point where your cleavage is showing, thigh high stockings, handcuffs and a badge. You could discontinue off your look with some sexy, bomber sunglasses.

oDevil- whatever black or red outfit that is fitted, face make up, horns and a tail pinned on and you are ready to go...spice up this outfit with fake red eyelashes, other makeup accents and red glitter.

oPlayboy Bunny- A fitted white or pink leotard and stockings, a cotton ball tail pinned on, bunny can have fun with this outfit, but those are the basic essentials!!

oSexy Vampire- To generate a sexy vampire outfit, the most important prop you will need is a set of vampire teeth, which you can pick up for just a few dollars at virtually any costume store. Goth clothing works perfectly for this type of costume. Or, if you want to sex the outfit up a few notches, wear a tight, short black dress and add the teeth. You can add some lace to the outfit and add a feather duster for added effect.

oSexy French Maid- For this, you need a white tank top, short black skirt and a white apron.

oPageant Queen- If you have a knock out formal gown lying around, you can positively be a pageant queen winner. All you need to generate this costume is a tiara and a sash. You can either buy the sash at a costume store, or if you can sew, you can make it yourself. If you want to be super sexy, wear a bikini with the sash as if you were competing in the swimsuit part of the competition.

Many of these sexy Halloween costumes can be created on your own on a shoestring budget. Have fun with what you are creating, and ensure that you add props and make up to faultless the look.

How to Make Your Own Sexy Costume


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