One Of A Kind Halloween Costumes for the allocation conscious

There are over thousands of Halloween outfits to select from but what makes it unique is totally up to you. You can look online to see one of a kind Halloween costumes you can use for a Halloween event or you can always make one out of everything you can find in your house. Take for example your dirty clothes, you can always improvise it by smudging ketchup, mustard and paint to give you that murky and foul look. Let someone else do the make-up for you then you are on your way to becoming a zombie from Walking Dead.

It is the slight things that create one of a kind Halloween costumes like the one I mentioned above. For me, you don't need to buy one for you to have fun. And if you still crave for more, here are some ideas for you to look unique in your upcoming Halloween party.

Bunny Halloween Costume

Costumes for Women
Most of the one of a kind Halloween costumes for women I can find are positively online. You can buy most of them in general, but there are other costumes that you can rent if you are out of budget. Most of the costumes you can find can be sexy outfits and you can always wear them if you want to. The devil costume is quite coarse so you may want to stay away from it. You can also wear skimpy clothes and go out all sexy.

One Of A Kind Halloween Costumes for the allocation conscious

In my experience, what makes a costume unique is when you run out of money and you positively want to join a Halloween event. Here are few examples of what I mean about one of a kind Halloween costumes.

- The sleepy and lazy housewife. Wear your pajamas, mess up your hair or put curlers in it and yawn most of the night. Wear those furry bunny slip-on slippers and do not put on makeup. You can even bring a toothbrush if you want.
- The Victim. If you positively want to get noticed, include this on your one of a kind Halloween costumes list. Wear torn office clothes and spread ketchup or fake blood on them. To heighten the ragged and paranoid look, mess up your hair and start screaming all over the place.

Costumes for Men
Again, there is no other accessible place for you to find unique costumes but online. From costumes like Top Gun, Elvis Presley, sailor-look to Spongebob, Freddy Kruger or a mad scientist, you can always find these as an all-around type of outfit. These costumes can be very pricey and does not necessarily make you stand out most of the time, especially when you find out a someone or two is wearing the same outfit as you are. And that's a problem.
As for men, here are some of the one of a kind Halloween costumes you should think about:

- The stereotype tourist. This can be a wrong time and wrong place to be or not, but try wearing a floppy hat, flip-flop sandals, Hawaiian flowery shirt and long brown shorts. To quit off that typical tourist and nerdy look, wear glasses, get a camera, bring a map and walk around as if you are lost.
- The good ol' Cupid. I would recommend this for bigger, heftier citizen as it fits the whole thought of an exaggerated Cupid. Naturally wear a diaper, or if that's too much for you, get a toga. Attach tiny wings on your back and get yourself one of those business transaction bow and arrow you can find in a toy store. Stick a heart-shaped paper at the tip of your arrow then wear the ribbon sash with "Cupid" written on it.

Costumes for Couples
What about one of a kind Halloween costumes for lovebirds? That is one unique thought right there. I don't see a lot of couples do this but if you are thinking of doing it, you can always try the following:

- Samson and Delilah - Bonnie and Clyde (though you might have to emphasize this) - A teapot and a teabag - A key and a padlock

This list can go on forever but Naturally think of two things that belong together and you'll be fine.

Costumes for Groups
For me this is the most fun Naturally because you are having a good time as a group and the costume will not matter anymore. The group costumes also has a long list of one of a kind Halloween costumes you can ponder, and I am sure it going to be fun to wear and watch. Think of M&M's, your popular boy band in the 90's, a rock band or a group of lost Spartans.

Wearing a one of a kind Halloween costumes isn't difficult if you just take the time to think about it.

One Of A Kind Halloween Costumes for the allocation conscious


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