Couples Halloween Costume Ideas - 3 original Couples Costume Ideas

Gee, hasn't Halloween crept up on us pretty fast ? No doubt you've got a Halloween party to go to but haven't got the foggiest idea what you are going to wear. This is the age old dilemma of any avid Halloween party goer - how to come up with an traditional idea. It's even harder if you are a integrate and plan to go together in a tasteless theme. This narrative will give you a few traditional couples Halloween costume ideas.

How about cops and robbers ? You go as a police officer and your partner goes as a convict. If you want to be especially close during the night you can even handcuff yourselves together. Or maybe you can leave that for some other time. There are a wide range of police costumes, ranging from fairly authentic to outrageously sexy. The same applies to prisoner costumes.

Halloween Costumes

If you want to shine a light on an epic love affair then how about dressing as Antony and Cleopatra ? It is believed that Antony gave up a opportunity to be Caesar to be with his love, Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra. Well that's not fully true but it's a compelling story that has been passed down straight through the ages in literature and movies. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton committed the roles to celluloid during their own tempestuous relationship.

Couples Halloween Costume Ideas - 3 original Couples Costume Ideas

Mark Antony can be dressed in a Roman or Caesars costume. This is an elegant toga costume but you can jazz it up with a Roman helmet, sword, belt and sandals. It is a light and comfortable costume to wear.

Cleopatra can also wear a light and comfortable outfit and you can have the distinctive hairstyle and Egyptian makeup to look exotic and alluring, in holding with the Queen's reputed beauty.        

The final costume idea is taken from Japanese culture. You could go as a Geisha and Samurai. These are also elegant costumes that will have a real wow factor at any party because they are quite original. Both these costumes can be quite uncomplicated or very illustrate depending on your passion for dressing up.

Couples Halloween Costume Ideas - 3 original Couples Costume Ideas


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