Sweet Costume For This Halloween - The Mickey Mouse Costume

One of my most favorite childhood memories is going to Disneyland. My parents looked send to taking us all year, and they made it an every year ritual for us kids. I remember hoping to get a remarked of the Disney characters, or as I used to think, the Real Mickey Mouse. We'd wait in line and have our pictures taken, the first thrill of the day. My memories of Disneyland are an prominent part of my childhood, and all the Disney characters are like childhood friends I grew up with.

Mickey Mouse is probably the most illustrious cartoon character of all time, and many generations have a fond place in their heart for all things Mickey. The Mickey Mouse Costume is the extreme selection for fans of Disney. The Mickey  Mouse Costume perfectly captures the Disney spirit, and is a fun way to celebrate Halloween with your own kids. There are several options to choose from. There's an whole line of Disney characters to choose from, so if you are feeling like something a little more current, why not think Jack Sparrow or Cruella or Belle from charm and the Beast? There are so many options to choose from.

Halloween Costumes

Infant Mickey Mouse Costume - The sweetest costume for a baby! Many of these versions are made from terrycloth, development it an extremely soft and snuggly option. Available in a one-piece pajama version, complete with diaper snaps, which can be worn alone or over top of a layer of warm clothing. Admittedly well made with great details.

Sweet Costume For This Halloween - The Mickey Mouse Costume

The Disney Mickey Mouse Costume for kids - a friend of mine told me that her son wears his Mickey Mouse Costume throughout the year, and believes he is the real Mickey Mouse! Isn't that sweet? Available in a well made version with a white shirt, sequined bow tie, black jacket, red pants, and mouse ears of course! This is an officially licensed Disney Mickey Mouse Costume. Pair it with black shoes, and  your Mousketeer is ready for Halloween! 

Minnie Mouse Costume for girls - The Minnie Mouse Costume is Available in all sizes for babies, toddlers, little girls and big girls. There's even a plus size version available. What fun to dress up your son as Mickey Mouse  while you go as Minnie?

Mouse Costume - if you are seeing for something outside the Disney realm, there are some great mouse costume options available, everything from a sweet mouse to a scary mouse costume (for older kids). Differentiate yourself from all the other common costumes this Halloween!

Have a whole house to dress? think having everybody dress up as their favorite Disney character. Mom could go in a Minnie Mouse Costume, dad in a Goofy costume, and the kids in a favorite character. little boys can choose from Mickey Mouse, Peter Pan, Captain Hook and so on. What little girl doesn't dream of being Cinderella or Sleeping charm or maybe even Tinkerbell?

With Halloween quickly approaching, I advise you order your costumes soon. For more ideas on Halloween parties, costumes or decorations, please visit my costume site. Happy Halloween!

Sweet Costume For This Halloween - The Mickey Mouse Costume


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