Halloween Costumes to Make For Baby - Great child Halloween Costumes Ideas

One of the most fun things about Halloween for Baby are the costumes. But costumes for Baby these days can be so expensive! It seems like such a shame to spend all of that money on something your child will only wear once. Fortunately there are costumes you can make for your child. You can generate a fun and adorable Halloween costume for your kid, even if you aren't the "crafty" type.

Begin by "shopping" in your child's closet. Every child has their own personal style, likes and dislikes. As you look straight through your child's closet, a costume idea may come to you. Have a piece of paper and pen with you as you go straight through the closet to brainstorm your ideas. A girl or boy in dance classes could unmistakably wear their dance costumes as a Halloween costume - to be a ballerina or an additional one fun costume without other needed accessories. Other ideas may come to you as you look straight through your child's closet.

Halloween Costumes

If your child is "crafty" involve them in the making of their costume as this is a fun action for Baby. An easy costume to make is a pumpkin costume wearing a large orange sweatshirt and a green baseball cap with some green felt leaves on it. A crafty child will have fun making a costume.

Halloween Costumes to Make For Baby - Great child Halloween Costumes Ideas

Think of your child's hobbies and interests as these may lead to a costume. The child who loves The Animal Planet show could be an animal wrangler, with safari outfit and a stuffed animal. A scientific child could have funny finding glasses, hair sticking out with gel to make them look like a "mad scientist." It is ideal to have a costume that shows your child's personality, hobbies and interests in some way.

A clown costume is easy to make. Go to the dollar store and buy a bunch of balloons (5 balloons for each usually). Make a clown face on your child's face with makeup from the drugstore available for Halloween. Dress them in piquant clothing. This is a fun costume for boys or girls.

Some children may be interested in a career. They may want to be a newspaper reporter or dress like a soldier in the army or a fashion model. These are all costumes you can accessorize their current clothing with features to make them look fun. The newspaper reporter would have a newspaper and a stenograph sized notebook with a pen. Newspaper reporters tend to dress kind of "preppy" and they could ask for a quote or the real story. A soldier would dress in army fatigues or camouflage. This could be enhanced with Halloween makeup at the drugstore. A fashion model could wear a trendy outfit and some minor cosmetics. Add some costume jewelry and/or a pair of  high heels. Have her or him pose for their photo as they Trick or Treat.

Making costumes for Baby can be easy and fun once you realize the options available to you. Once you start to look you may study there are several costume ideas in front of you. For best results, involve your child in the costume decision making as they will get excited and want to wear the chosen costume even more now that they have had a hand in creating it. They will have pride wearing their Halloween costume that is special and unique.

Halloween Costumes to Make For Baby - Great child Halloween Costumes Ideas


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