1950s Halloween Costume Ideas

As preponderant decades go, the 1950s is probably the most beloved era in America. The economy was booming, "Made in the Usa" meant high-quality, we were recovering from World War Ii and the Great Depression, and music and movies were at a creative peak. When population are finding for awesome Halloween costume ideas, they often think back to the middle of the 20th century for inspiration.

Here are some ideas to help you put together 1950s' Halloween costumes.

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1950s Halloween Costume Ideas

Prefabricated Halloween costumes are kind of high-priced and not all the time up to par--sizing is difficult and you can probably put together a better, more authentic costume for less money on your own. But finding at costumes put together by an online costume shop is a good way to get your costume started. Rather than buying a Poodle Skirt, 50s style top, and hair accessories from a costume shop, write down details on the color and style and buy the material yourself. Poodle Skirts are easy to make, since they are just fabric cut into a circle with an iron-on logo. All of these supplies can be had for cheap at fabric and craft stores.

With photos and lots of data on definite costume ideas, Halloween costume sites are a good start for your creative process.


There are more movies about the 50s than you can shake a leather jacket at. Start with the positive choices--Grease, Rebel Without a Cause, and Cry-Baby should give you a good range of dissimilar costume ideas. If you want to dig a diminutive deeper, look for movies like Jamboree! and Juke Box Rhythm, lesser known movies from the 50s that show off more obscure 50s fashion. It's easy to find personel pieces at thrift shop and costume rental shops and put together a cool authentic 50s costume.


50s music isn't an positive source for 50s costume ideas, but this unique idea can undoubtedly turn into a Best Costume award winner. Think dressing up with a few friends as 50s-era jailbirds and go to your next costume party as "Jailhouse Rock." If you have adequate people, you could dress up as bicycle riders or drag racers from 50s music classics like "Dead Man's Curve" or "The Leader of the Pack." every person dresses up like characters from Grease, but few population turn to the music of the 50s for inspiration.

1950s music wasn't just about rock and roll and Elvis Presley either. In the early 1950s, Bing Crosby, the Mills Brothers, and Frank Sinatra were all still popular.

1950s Halloween Costume Ideas


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