How to Make a Viking Costume in Time For Halloween

So with Halloween fast approaching habitancy are beginning to think about costumes for the fancy dress party. It's the old dilemma, go for the former costumes, such as a Witch, pirate or super hero outfit or go for something a bit different. Every person recognizes the former costumes and can crack a pirate joke at your cost but there might be half a dozen other pirates dotted colse to the party - do you literally want to be a dime a dozen ?  If you decree to be something separate then a viking costume might be what you are seeing for. This report will cover how to make a viking costume for the big night.

So the basic elements of a viking costume are as follows :

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How to Make a Viking Costume in Time For Halloween

chain mail,



big bushy beard.

What's the first thing you think about when you think of a viking ? It's the helmet of course. And I bet you think of the helmet with the cow horns on whether side. It practically a law, old rent or something like that when dressing up as a viking. The fact that it's a fallacy and that vikings never wore helmets like this is also the point. We're not going to let the truth spoil the fun. Now you can try development a helmet like this or you can buy one. I propose buying one - a cheap plastic one will look just as good as a home made job.

For the tunic, you can get a burlap sack or anything like that and plainly cut out some holes for the head and arms. That's your tunic. It's probably similar to what they literally wore anyhow. You can even paint it if you want to go to town on the costume. Attach a belt round the waist and you have your tunic complete.

Get some fake fur and fashion gauntlets for the arms, legs and shoulders. Buy a plastic sword and shield. Oh, and a fake beard if you want to look like a wind swept, sea bleached madman intent on  wreaking havoc, raiding and plundering. And your costume is pretty much complete. Straightforward really.

How to Make a Viking Costume in Time For Halloween


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