How to Make a Tinkerbell Costume for Halloween

How to Be Tinkerbell this Halloween in Ten Minutes or Less

The enchanting Tinkerbell is all the time a popular choice every Halloween. Ask any costume store and they'll show you a collection of Tinkerbell Halloween costumes. It's probably Tinkerbell's brittle playfulness, the naughtiness of her magic, or her understated heroine factor.

Halloween Costumes

Whatever the case, many girls, both young and young at heart, have their own Tinkerbell phase. While others choose to be scary or gory or intense, some just like to be the plain tiny but ever-loyal Tinkerbell. After all, it's the tiny itsybitsy beings that can get in the eyes.

How to Make a Tinkerbell Costume for Halloween

The never-ending appeal of this cordial fairy from Neverland goes back as far as 1904 when J.M. Barrie first created Tinkerbell's character in his novel Peter Pan. Ever since, we've all the time been fascinated the promise of flight as Tink generously sprinkles us with her magic pixie dust.

Tinkerbell Halloween costumes don't have to be costly. You can buy them from any Halloween costume stores, or even make at your own home. With just a few ready materials, you can turn your mom's old skirts into Tinkerbell Halloween costumes.

Instant Tinkerbell Halloween costumes

What you need:

- Fitted t-shirt

- Old skirt you don't mind cutting short (traditionally, Tinkerbell's dress is light green, but any color will do)

- Bendable, but not too soft wire

- White see-through old stockings

- Garter

- Light-blue and silver sequins

- Stick for wand

- Silver ribbon (about 3 yards)

- Gold glitter as pixie dust

- Pliers

- Glue gun or plain glue

1. Zigzag-cut an old but decent skirt at the hem, three or four inches above the knee, or as short as you can be comfortable in.

2. Considered fashion some wires into a pair of wings, production sure they are both the same shape and size. Twist and tie the ends with the pliers.

3. Sew the garter onto the wing. Make sure the armhole fits snugly.

4. Next, stretch some old stockings over the wire until they're taut.

5. Glue some sequins onto the wings in a sort of leaf vein pattern.

6. Put in order the magic wand by wrapping an ordinary stick with silver ribbon. Glue on both ends of the stick. For the tip, get about ten 12-inch strips of the same ribbon, tie into one end and let sprout and fall freely.

7. For a more regal Tinkerbell Halloween costume, you can also wear a tiara, some glitters on your skin, and a pair of white doll shoes.

8. Tinkerbell Halloween costumes aren't complete without a bag of gold glitter you sprinkle on citizen as fairy dust.

How to Make a Tinkerbell Costume for Halloween


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